AgriBoost is made of ground, all-natural minerals and materials, including zeolites,palagonite, olivine and calcite, all of which are derived from balsatic ash.AgriBoost stimulates root growth and releases primary, secondary and micronutrients to the plant on demand, ultimately improving plant growth and yield. AgriBoost is a permanent propating agent, and its nutrients are water insoluble (slow release), which allows the product to maintain its boosting qualities through multiple growing cycles. AgriBoost is also environmentally friendly, as it reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and irrigation materials while increasing the soil’s water-holding and cationic exchange capabilities.

A final evaluation of the effect of zeolite on seedling production can only be drawn after all outstanding data is available for analysis. These parameters are the physical quality of the substrate, micronutrient solubility in the substrate, and microntrient content of the plants at the end of the experiment.

The available data allows the following conclusions:

  • In this experiment, zeolite has improved seedling growth.
  • This beneficial effect of zeolite was more pronounced in the substrates without compost.
  • The source of nitrogen fertilization had no influence on plant growth.
  • Shoot dry weight showed the biggest differences.


The trial preparation was done perfectly.

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